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Welcome to my sermon library. Entries include sermon title, scripture reference, date, and a brief excerpt. Click on the sermon title to access a .pdf copy of the sermon in its entirety. Example:

Exodus 1:8 – 2:10 (8/27/2017)

Distrust and fear of foreigners. Suspicion and fear of people different from “us.” Fear that manifests itself in cruelty and hate and oppression and enslavement and government-sanctioned discrimination. Is that Egypt? Or is it us?

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1 thought on “Sermon Library”

  1. Dear Tim.
    I am unsure you will even remember any of us but we have never forgotten the incredible gifts and selfless acts that you brought to us….
    To Daniel, who saw you as a hero, mentor, man of God and the best of what he should strive to be; to Ellen Sheffield, who in her final days of life chose a UCC Pastor vs. a Catholic Priest to administer “last rites” so that she could come to understand that God does indeed forgive all, and to me, Marilyn, Mother of Daniel and Daughter of Ellen, who’s Faith was continually solidified by listening to your words, attempting to follow the actions of Jesus that you showed us….I am eternally grateful. Daniel left the church for awhile, hurt beyond comprehension at losing a man he held in highest esteem, angry at the people he believed should be offering compassion and love, and unable to have his voice heard as an adolescent who was in the Youth Group at Church. Tim, you changed lives for the better then and as I have read your words once more, see that you continue to change the lives of so many by walking in Faith. You are right: ACTIONS speak loudly…Rev Wright, like you, made the world better for those of us seeking a higher good.
    If you did not know : Thank you for all the blessings you brought to our lives.
    Daniel has returned to worship God with his wife and young daughter. My Mom died in peace and knowing that God was with her, and I continue walking in the Faith that has sustained me all my life.
    Many blessings and thank Lynne for mentioning and adding a link to your “Blog and Sermons”……I never would have known.

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